VEGAS TO VEGA: The Beginning

This summer I decided to undertake a mammoth roadtrip from Las Vegas, Nevada to Camp Vega, Maine (find more about my love for working at a summer camp here). 4,000 miles on the open road. Totally do-able in 10 days, right?? Hmmm....

So...this year's adventure got underway with an emotional goodbye, followed by a long drive with the parentals (where the car refused to play my music so we had to listen to the football commentary the entire way...) to quite possibly the sketchiest Travelodge in the history of ever!

After waiting 17 years for the lift to take us up to reception, I checked in to be told I was going to be upgraded for free to a new Super-Room (aka, slightly less crap Travelodge room with a new colour scheme). Winning!

Upon exploring my new 'luxury' accommodation, I found a random box on the wall that made a great Laura-sized hidey hole. I also learned that apparently in London Travelodges, guests are required to shampoo and bathe over the sink and was their hands in the shiny new power shower the receptionist bragged about. Or at least, that's what the labels on the soap dispensers told me. All I seemed to get out of it though was an average shower pressure and a very wet bathroom.

Oh well! I jumped into bed, armed with a hot chocolate from the fancy coffee machine you can only get in the Super-Rooms (see? Super fancy!) and settled in for a night of anxiety-ridden, excitement-induced almost sleep with the calming sounds of Olivia Benson's yelling on SVU to send me off as I mentally checked for my passport for the 4583579257th time.

5:15am - Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.

5:20am - Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.

5:25am - Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.

5:30am - Alarm goes off. Ok. Fine, I get it. Time to get up.

Bleary-eyed and less than bushy-tailed, I dragged my impractical amounts of luggage to the lobby at 5:45am to wait for the shuttle to the airport. Downstairs, my campy-senses were tingling. First year camp counsellors at 12 o'clock, complete with over-stuffed backpacks and Camp America tshirts. Nope. Too early for that shit. So I take a seat on the opposite side of the lobby to avoid having to make small talk and instead entertained myself with listening to their conversations.

I mentally named them, you know, just because. There was Northern Boy, Northern Girl, and Scottish Girl (creative, right?). I quickly established that Northern Boy asks a lot of questions and Scottish Girl was trying to be a good sport and keep her eye-rolling in check. I guess I wasn't the only one who thought it was too early for chit-chat.

Northern Girl sat in the corner on her phone while Northern Boy interrogated Scottish Girl about her summer ahead. Scottish Girl explained how she was going to be a lifeguard at a summer camp in Maine (woo! Maine!) but had no lifeguarding and was going to be trained when she got there. Oy. That would never happen at Vega, just saying. She then went on to say that she was probably going to have to save some kids from drowning because apparently 'it's not common for American kids to learn to swim', WHAT?!

At this point, Northern Girl let out an exasperated sigh and said that their Uber driver had just cancelled their lift and they needed to book another one. Why they weren't just going to get on the Hoppa bus like the rest of us, I don't know. Scottish Girl saw that Northern Boy was momentarily distracted, seized the opportunity and bolted out the front door to wait for the bus outside.

Northern Girl was still moaning about the Uber when the bus turned up and Scottish Girl and I got on. We watched as Northern Couple proceeded to have a very animated argument over whose idea it was to get an Uber instead of the bus. Yet, they still didn't decide to buy a bus ticket, and the Hoppa left without them. I hope they make it to camp!

Airports at 6am are a bit of a dream. No people! Smooth sailing straight through check-in, baggage drop and security. I even managed to get myself a comfy seat in Pret, complete with coffee and breakfast. Who says travelling is stressful?!

Want to know what happened on Day 2? Find out here

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