After dragging ourselves out of bed at around 2pm (thanks, jetlag!), we realised that our plan to hang out by the pool all morning had been thwarted. Mostly because there was no morning left and all the chairs had been taken.

But never fear, we always have a back up plan. When in doubt, go shopping! So we packed up our stuff and headed out of the hotel. And by 'headed out' I mean got totally lost inside the casino, took the long route round, ended up in the hotel next door, and just when we had almost made it out onto The Strip, realised we had forgotten an important piece of paperwork for the evening's zip-lining adventure and had to go back and start again.

Take 2: we made it out onto The Strip and headed in the direction of the bus stop. Turns out the bus stop is far! And when we got there, we realised it was the wrong bus stop and we had to cross the street and walk basically the entire distance we had just walked again to get to the right one. At least we burned off last night's cheese fries!

Finally, we got on the right bus and made our way down to the outlets for a spot of retail therapy, all the while repeating mantra 'I will not spend unnecessary money today'.

By the time we got there, it was 4:30pm. A little late for lunch, and breakfast time had long gone. So we decided on an early dinner (mostly because apparently it gets really cold and windy in Vegas around 4pm and we wanted to be inside) so we went in search of the holy grail aka Chipotle.

After getting our fill of Mexican goodness, the wind had died down so we ventured out to find the only things we needed to buy: trainers. We were only allowed to buy trainers. They were a necessity. We weren't going to spend money on anything but trainers.


4 tanks tops, a tshirt, 2 pairs of shorts, a playsuit and 3 pairs of trainers later, we left listening to the soft sobbing of our credit cards the whole way home.

We decided to drop our stuff off at the hotel before going zipling, mostly so people wouldn't judge us for our excessive spending. We were booked on the zip line at 10:20pm so figured leaving the hotel at 9pm would give us loads of time to get there.

At some point we will learn that our plans never quite work out. If you have ever been to Vegas, you will know that in order to cross the street you have to go up some escalators (or stairs, if you're weird like that) and across a bridge over the road and back down on the other side. Well, for some unknown reason, they had decided to block off a bunch of the bridges. Every route we tried to take to get across the street was blocked off. After half an hour of walking around in circles and still only being at the entrance to our hotel, we decided to just walk straight and cross that bridge when we came to it (get it?)

Finally we got on a bus around 10pm and headed to Fremont Street for our ziplining adventure. Did I mention I hate heights??

We made it just in time! We got to the check-in desk at 10:20pm, signed in and headed up the stairs to be fitted for our harnesses.

Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to have our phones with us on the ride so we had no pictures of it but I did it I swear! I have the tacky wristband to prove it and everything!

The whole way up was a combination of nerves, excitement, reminding BFF that I hate her, and right before we set off, several expletives (sorry, mum!).

Before we knew it, we were soaring over Fremont Street, 77 feet in the air at 30mph with people staring at us from below. The wind hit our faces hard and it was such a rush! We span slowly on our cables, taking in the bright lights as they flashed past us as we flew down the zipline. It was actually awesome!! You know, once you get over the initial fear of death.

We got to the end and got unhooked by a nice man who called me 'Sweetie'. Legs shaking and high on adrenaline, we went down to look at the hideous photos the photographer took of us. We didn't buy them. Nobody needs to see that many chins in a harness.

We rewarded ourselves with late night shakes and fries. Well deserved I think.

Part 4 is ready and waiting for you! Read what happened here!

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