VEGAS TO VEGA: Ultimate Tourists

Today started with rolling out of bed at a much more socially acceptable time and staking out a spot by the pool. Even though I put sunscreen on twice, and we were only out for an hour and a half, I still burned. Damn my Snow White skin! I now resemble a very patchy pink and white marshmallow!

We decided this afternoon to play tourist and headed down to the Welcome To Las Vegas sign to take some cheesy photos. Obviously. There is a guy who has set up a business taking pictures for people and there was a huge line so we decided that was unnecessary and stood to one side and took our own. Ain't nobody got time for that.

By the time we headed back to The Strip, Little Miss Grumpy Gills (aka BFF) had had a bit too much sun and needed a nap so back to the hotel we went. Along the way, we learned that we must look like awesome dancers because people kept trying to give us their hip hop CDs so we could 'get our twerk on'. While I'm sure we have mad twerking skills, not thanks!

After her nap, Grumpy woke up in a much better mood and returned to her usual self ready for our last night in Vegas.

I will be honest, tonight's evening activity was not one I had been looking forward to. BFF had booked tickets to see Celine Dion live at Caeser's Palace. Now, maybe it's my youth catching up on me, but I don't know many Celine songs. Why on earth would I want to go and see her live?! But, being the awesome friend I am, I stuck on a smile and off we went (via the casino for some slot machine fun, it would be rude not to).

At this point, I must eat my words. The concert was incredible. Celine was totally nuts and absolutely brilliant. The show had all the effects of a huge arena concert, while maintaining the vibe and personality of a small, intimate gig. She spent half the show just talking to the audience and telling jokes - she's actually very funny! The whole show was amazing and her voice is incredible. Sorry Celine, I should never have doubted you. It was totally worth not winning a dime on the slot machines.

When the show ended (an hour after it was supposed to - she really is a chatterbox!) we stopped by the Bellagio to take in the fountain display before heading back to the hotel to start the worst part of any trip. Repacking.

I swear there is a little goblin in my luggage that likes to multiply my belongings for fun. There is no way I brought this much stuff with me, right?! (I'm choosing to ignore the fact we went shopping and bought more stuff...) My suitcase is completely full and weighs about 5 times more than it did when I left England. How is this even possible?!

I've never been more grateful we are not flying anywhere because there is no way they would let my bags on the plane. They weigh more than me. Instead, we have our alarms set for the middle of the night (aka 6am) and will be picking up our hire car to start our 4,000 mile road trip. Pray for us. The last time we took a road trip we put the wrong petrol in the car, broke down and had to be towed to safety. Don't laugh...

Find out what happened when we hit the road! Day 5 is available here!

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