VEGAS TO VEGA: Heading East

This morning we treated ourselves to a lie in until 11:30am. It was bliss. We feel kinda bad for Kaitlin, not only did she give up her bed for us and slept on the sofa, but she had work at 8am after our late night of gossip. Sorry Kaitlin!!

Thankfully, today was just a short 5 hour hop to our campsite in Dayton, Ohio - the last campsite of the trip, woo!! So after dragging ourselves out of bed, we got on the road.

Those 5 hours quickly turned into 7 as traffic in Indiana was horrendous so we stopped at Taco Bell for lunch. Nom.

On second thoughts though, Taco Bell wasn't such a good idea. A combination of the heat, being sat in the car for days and the greasy food meant we spent most of the drive feeling pretty gross and unwell.

Eventually, we crossed into Ohio, lucky number 13, and headed to the campsite. BFF was not impressed with the fact it was in the middle of nowhere, which to be fair, it was. When we checked in however, we were pleasantly surprised! It was much nicer than the Mount Rushmore campsite! Our cabin even had air conditioning, a heater, a fridge and a tv!

So we settled ourselves in for a chilled night of NCIS, Subway and sleep ready to head to Philly!

Ready for Day 11? Read all about it here!

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