VEGAS TO VEGA: So Close Yet So Far

After a surprisingly warm and comfortable night in Dayton, we packed up the car and hit the road for our penultimate journey. We knew the drive to Philly was going to be long but we were excited at the prospect of spending two days in one place! One whole day without having to drive sounds like heaven to us right now.

Knowing we are so close to the end of our trip meant that the struggle was real today. We were more tired than we have been on the road so far, traffic made us more irritable and we were exceptionally restless. So we took it in turns to nap while the other one drove. It took us 8 and a half hours to get to Philly!! 😴😴 we probably could have got here quicker but they have this new speeding system in America now where they monitor your speed from aeroplanes (I know, right?!) and since you never know where the planes are, we were too afraid to go even one mile over the speed limit!

We also saw more police cars on today's drive than the whole trip so far combined...

Thankfully, traffic was good to us coming into Philly (for once) and we got to our home for the next to days easily. Obviously it's another Vega homestay! This time with the Katzen's who we stay with every year, yet the girls never know we are coming.

Now I'm not saying we condone lying to children...but seeing how excited they get when we show up out of the blue makes the little white lies worth it!

They were so excited when we got there, lots of screaming and hugging and running around was done by all of us. I feel bad for Sally, it's a bit like she has gained an extra two large children for the weekend!!

After an intense game of tag in the garden and a tour of the new house (which is gorgeous!) we headed out for our favourite Philly dinner, Jules pizza! I've been craving pizza for days so I was super happy. And then I ate so much my stomach hurt. Less happy.

Tonight we are on babysitting duty while Sally goes on a well deserved night out with friends. After all, what good is it having camp counsellors come to visit if you can't leave them to babysit your kids?!

Sammy refused to go to bed until she was virtually unconscious on a beanbag and practically needed carrying up the stairs. I'm pretty sure she was out before her head even touched the pillow.

Ali stayed up with us to watch Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (great movie by the way...) and then tried to use every excuse under the sun to avoid going to bed when it finished 😂 I'm pretty sure she is still awake trying to think of reasons to come into our room and talk to us!

The biggest surprise of all though?! It's warm in Philly!! A sunny 24 degrees! Honestly, we had forgotten what the sun felt like. Turns out that burning ball of light in the sky is pretty good. If it could just stay out for the rest of the summer that would be great.

Oh, and my sunburn has started to peel.

Find out how we spent our day off by clicking here!

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