This morning we were woken up by a sneaky 11 year old peering into our room to see if we were awake yet. Good morning Sammy! I guess we're up.

We didn't move far, just down to the couch where we played referee between the girls as they fought and bickered for most of the morning. Were we that bad with our sisters at their age?! And all over a blanket! Children...

Just when we thought they were going to actually start tearing each other apart, it was time for breakfast and then to get ready for the day. Swimsuits on, spare clothes packed, sunscreen covered, we spent the afternoon at Philmont Country Club. The girls were desperate to go swimming and didn't even let a little thing like broken pool heaters stop them! The water was a brisk 62 degrees!! In they jumped...and then clambered back out amidst screams of 'I'm numb!' And 'it's so cold!' 😂😂

We took the opportunity to nap while they continued playing and pretending to be Spanish to the other kids. Standard.

We managed to drag the girls away eventually and came home for a bbq, complete with a visit from the cousins and the grandparents. We even taught the kids to play beer pong (with water, not beer! We aren't totally irresponsible 😂) which quickly turned into an impromptu water fight...

Having a day off from driving was so relaxing and totally needed. We feel (almost) rested and relaxed and ready for the last stretch to Maine in the morning. Alarms are set for 6:45am, drive time is estimated at around 9 hours. Oy. It will be such a relief to get there.

Wish us luck as we approach the finish line!

Stay on the road with us and read the next installment here!

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