VEGAS TO VEGA: The Final Countdown

Finally we are in Maine!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

An early start this morning meant we were on the road by 9 (hey, it's early for us ok?) much to the dismay of Ali and Sammy! After filling up with petrol and stocking up on supplies (somehow we have managed to get through 32 bottles of water in the last week!) we tried to get in the wrong sides of the car. Clearly we have had enough of foreign driving by this point! 🙈

Still giggling, we got in the right sides and headed on our way, joking about how lost we got the last time we drove out of Philly.

We then promptly got lost trying to drive out of Philly. 🙈😂

After a 10 mile detour and some help from the sat nav, we got on the right track and set up plans for a lunch time rendezvous in Connecticut. A very hungover Alba came to meet us in Stamford and provided some much needed relief from the long drive. We ate, drank, laughed and shopped until we realised it was 2:30 and we still had another 6 hours of driving ahead of us. Oops.

We reluctantly said our goodbyes, excited that we will be seeing her again in 2 weeks and got back on the road.

We then promptly got lost trying to drive out of Connecticut. Clearly this day was going well.

After several toll booths, state lines and a couple of hours on the road, I had to pee. Badly. We had decided to stop at the next rest stop that had a Dunkin so we could get our coffee fix at the same time.

So obviously, whenever you need to find a Dunkin, there isn't one in sight for miles. We drove past four rest stops, none of them had a Dunkin. This is the freaking north east! The home of Dunkin! Where's my coffee at?!

After passing the 4th Dunkin lacking rest stop, and realising the next one wasn't for another 36 miles, I realised we may have made a mistake. Especially when I noticed we were pulling off the turnpike before the 36 miles were up. The situation was becoming critical.

After 29 miles of pure discomfort, we pulled off with me praying there would be a service plaza or rest stop at the next exit. 😰

We were in luck! There was a rest stop at the next exit! Thank goodness because I thought my bladder was going to explode and BFF was finding my driving wee dance very entertaining. So I pulled off and kept my eyes peeled for the glorious sight of a highway bathroom.

I saw no such sight. In fact, all I saw were hotels and closed stores (it is Sunday after all...). This was not happening!!

Just as I was about to give up and start looking for a dignity covering bush, I found an Irish pub!! You know in movies when the hero finds exactly what they've been looking for and that weird halo music plays?? Yep, that totally happened in my head. So we parked and ran inside past a very bewildered hostess.

Thank you, O'Learys, I owe you!

We eventually found our way back to the highway and ended up going past the same sign I had seen the first time around advertising the rest stop. It was for exit 24 not 23. I had come off one exit too early. Oh, and the rest stop had a Dunkin. Obviously. 😒

To be fair, today's drive was remarkably easy. We were fully prepared for it to drag and to be miserable and boring and slow because we were on the home stretch and to be plagued with traffic. But in reality, it went really quickly, we encountered virtually no traffic whatsoever and we were in high spirits the entire way. Before we knew it, we were crossing the bridge into Maine!! Hallelujah!

We got to Steph and Dustin's just after 8pm and celebrated with some doggy cuddles, BBQ chicken and our favourite ice cream from Fielders Choice. Because what else would you do in Maine?!

We're so relieved to be here and looking forward to spending Memorial Day with friends tomorrow before the final little journey to vega on Tuesday 😊

The last installment is coming your way! Read it here!

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