We did it!! After 10 days, 21 states, 4038 miles, a few mishaps and a ton of memories, we made it to Vega!! 💚💚 we are home for the summer!!

This morning we got up, packed up, picked up Dan, ran some errands (including getting coffee for Pyatt) and made the final drive (well, we say final, we then had to drive back to the rental place to drop the car off and drive back again).

It feels so good to be back! We were put to work on the Welcome Crew straight away to settle people in and answer their questions etc and began the epic task of unpacking all of our crap. Between us, we have accumulated a lot! Remind me to pack nothing next year!

We went on a tour of camp for Dan and even got to be photographed with the camp entrance sign being put up for the start of the season. So legit.

After an indoor cookout (it rains in Maine) and some socialising we greeted the final groups and headed to bed ready to start maintenance in the morning. It's so good to be home!

#travel #usa #northamerica #RoadTrip #Maine #Summer #summercamp

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